Q. IN THE MOVIE ‘GREASE’ ...When Sandy is on a date with the jock at the Frosty Palace, why is the picture on the wall behind them blurred out?

A. The picture being blurred is a Coca-Cola poster. One story is that Coca-Cola didn’t approve of the film’s content. Another is that Pepsi had a sponsorship deal with the film’s producer, and as such, demanded that they be the sole on-screen beverage. To avoid a costly reshoot, Paramount chose to blur the most visible of the Coca-Cola images. The resulting effect was crude to say the least.

The first two screenshots are from the original theatrical release.

Below are original, unaltered images from the master production print, supplied by Joel Farber of Metrocolor (Technicolor)

 Joel Farber / Technicolor - All Rights Reserved
 Joel Farber / Technicolor - All Rights Reserved

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